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Electronic Filing Tips

Electronic Filing Tips

Always call the court if you do not know which event to use to file your document. You may be required to re-file your document if the wrong event is chosen.

When opening a new bankruptcy case, we require bankruptcy case documents to be submitted in a certain order within the PDF. Please set your petition software (the setting is usually found in order of forms) to match How to Assemble Cases Before Saving to PDF.  If you do not use petition software, please assemble your documents before scanning and saving to PDF.

Always search for a party before adding them to the system. Do not add parties without also adding their complete address. Complying with our Data Entry Standards will ensure that you and other filers can locate parties in our system.

Filing users should always include a certificate of service in the same pdf file as their pleading. In other words, certificate of service should not be filed as a separate event or as an attachment.

When filing an adversary case, you MUST link the plaintiff's attorney to the plaintiff. Failure to do so will result in the Summons incorrectly indicating that the plaintiff is pro se. There is a REVIEW button on the Party Screen that you can select to make sure the plaintiff's attorney is linked to the plaintiff.

If you are filing a multi-part motion (a motion that requests more than one type of relief), make sure you have selected each of the relief types from the pull-down list in ECF.

If you are filing schedules A/B-J as deficient documents after the case has been filed, go to Bankruptcy>Miscellaneous Events>Schedules A/B-J. You do not have to file each schedule as a separate document.

PDF documents can not be larger than 10MB in size. When scanning, be sure to set your scanner to black and white and 300 dpi. If your scanned document is larger than 10MB you can separate it into multiple smaller files. To check the size of the file, right click on the file and select properties. 1MB = 1000KB


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