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Bankruptcy Noticing Center

Effective December 1, 2021, the Director of the Administrative Office of the United States Courts has designated any entity that receives 100 or more paper bankruptcy notices in a single calendar month as a high-volume paper notice recipient pursuant to Fed. R. Bankr. P. 9036(b)(2)(B) (as amended effective December 1, 2021) (the “Rule”). The threshold number of paper notices that will cause a notice recipient to be designated as a high-volume paper notice recipient pursuant to the Rule will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted once a year, effective on December 1st of each year.

Once the threshold paper notice amount is reached, the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) will notify the notice recipient that it must register for Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) or that, if the recipient does not register within 45 days of the date of the notification, the BNC will establish an electronic address where the Director designates the recipient to receive its notices pursuant to the Rule.

Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN)

National Creditor Registration Service (NCRS)

Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (EBN) is a free service that allows court notices to be transmitted electronically, delivering them faster and more conveniently.

The National Creditor Registration Service (NCRS) is a free service to give creditors options to specify a preferred U.S. mail or e-mail address to which bankruptcy notices should be sent.

To register or learn more, visit the Bankruptcy Noticing Center at or call their toll free support number at (877) 837-3424.