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Update Your Email Address

CM/ECF Users are required to maintain and update their personal information, including email addresses. Failure to maintain a current email address may result in the lockout of your CM/ECF filing access for the Central District of Illinois. 

Update personal information and primary email address:

Go to PACER > Manage My Account.

Update secondary email addresses:

  1. Log in to CM/ECF.
  2. Go to Utilities > Your Account > Maintain Your ECF Account.
  3. Click Email information.
  4. Add or modify email information in the Secondary email address box.

Note: Separate multiple secondary email addresses with a new line or semicolon (;).

  1. Add or modify information in the Reenter secondary email address box.

Note: The information in both boxes must match to complete the process.

  1. Click Return to Account screen.
  2. Click Submit.