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ECF Registration and Training for Attorneys

The court requires all filers to use the CM/ECF Electronic Case Filing system (ECF). Attorneys are required to be admitted to the bar of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois before practicing in this court.

Attorneys are required to complete mandatory ECF training before being issued an ECF account in this court. However, attorneys who possess an active ECF account in at least one other Bankruptcy court may waive this training requirement on the pages to follow.

Click below to register for electronic filing with the Central Illinois Bankruptcy Court.

ECF Attorney Registration

Attorneys requesting only Limited Filer (creditor/claimant) access are not required to be admitted to bar of the Central District of Illinois in order to file the documents allowed under the Limited Filer rules, but admission to the Central District of Illinois bar is required to appear in court.

Visit our ECF Registration for Limited Filers page for details on how to register and file as a Limited Filer.