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ECF Registration for Creditors & Other Limited Filers

All electronic filers must register for CM/ECF Electronic Case Filing system (ECF) through PACER using an individual PACER account.

Filing requests will not be approved until all requirements have been met.


  1. Register through PACER using an individual PACER account.
  2. Filers must submit a completed Limited Filers Training Answer Sheet.

Registration documents may be found here:

Electronic filers in the Limited Filer category are limited to filing only the documents listed below (Documents filed in CM/ECF must be in Portable Document Format (PDF), or the newer PDF/A.):

  • Assignment/Transfer of Claims
  • Creditor Request for Notices
  • Reaffirmation Agreement

Claims and Claim Related Documents must be filed using the Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC) Program and cannot be filed using a limited filer account type.