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IMPORTANT NOTICE RE: In-Person Hearings Before Judge Gorman (Springfield)

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Beginning September 20, 2022, Judge Gorman's regularly-scheduled Tuesday motion calls will be held in person in her Springfield courtroom. But with ongoing public health concerns and as a courtesy to practitioners and others, unless ordered otherwise in a specific case, participants will generally have the option of appearing and participating in the hearings remotely via Zoom for Government® in lieu of appearing in person. Remote participation is only available through Zoom®—attendance by telephone is reserved for observers and limited to "listening only." The hearing notice issued in connection with a case or proceeding will advise interested parties of the date, time, location, and available participation options for the hearing. In some cases, a separate notice or order specifically requiring a particular attorney or party to appear in person may be issued and, in such event, will control that person's method of attendance.

This change in format is, for the time being, limited to Judge Gorman's regular Tuesday motion calls in Springfield. Assuming the new "hybrid" hearing format works well, practitioners can soon expect adoption of a similar format for Judge Gorman's monthly Urbana motion call. Again, hearing notices issued by the Clerk will instruct interested parties of the format of all scheduled hearings.

Detailed information about connecting to and participating in hearings by Zoom® is available on the Court's website or by clicking here.