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Verification of Amendments to Schedules

Amendments to Schedules Must Be Verified By the Debtor(s)

(Updated 12/1/2015)

The judges in this district require that amendments to all petitions, lists, schedules, and statements include an unsworn declaration signed by the debtor(s), pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 1008.

The required declaration consists of Official Form 106Dec (for Individual Debtors) or 202 (for Non-Individual Debtors). In a joint case, Official Form 106Dec must be signed by both debtors.

Pursuant to the Administrative Procedures for the Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System, documents requiring the signatures of non-Filing Users are to be filed electronically with the signature represented by a "/s/" and the name typed in the space where a signature would otherwise appear, or as a scanned image. Documents that are electronically filed and require original signatures other than that of the Filing User must be maintained in paper form by the Filing User until all time periods for appeals expire. On request of the court, the Filing User must provide original documents for review.