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Revised 5/15 Chapter 13 Model Plan Form - Springfield Division Now Mandatory

Thursday, May 14, 2015

The model plan form for all Chapter 13 cases filed in the Springfield Division has been revised and use of the form marked “Revised 5/15” in the upper right corner is now mandatory. The revised form contains a number of boxes in various sections to check “None” when there is no information to enter in that section. When the “None” box is checked, the language for that section collapses and thereby reduces the length of the plan. If a “None” box is inadvertently checked, a second click on the “None” box will restore the collapsed language. Please note that in “Section 4. Secured Claims,” “None” boxes are separately available for each subsection. Reducing the length of Chapter 13 plans will save the Court copy and postage expenses, and the cooperation of all attorneys in the use of the revised form is appreciated.

Plans filed on any form other than the “Revised 5/15” form will be stricken. Plans filed using the “Revised 5/15” without the applicable “None” boxes being checked will be stricken. Deadlines to file plans are not extended when plans are stricken.

Click here for the updated Chapter 13 Model Plan Form.

Please call or email Ron Hayward (217-492-5023, or Vicente Valtierra (217-492-4256, for technical assistance.