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Notice Regarding Change in the Handling of Chapter 11 Cases Assigned to Judge Gorman

Monday, March 18, 2019

Effective immediately, in all Chapter 11 cases assigned to Judge Gorman, the Clerk’s office will no longer send a missing documents order notifying debtors and their attorneys of the documents that remain due to be filed in the case. Likewise, a notice to file an application to be employed will no longer be sent to debtors’ attorneys. Attorneys who represent Chapter 11 debtors are responsible for knowing what documents are required and when they are due.  

Nothing about this change should be construed as waiving the requirements of the Code and Rules concerning what documents are due and when they are due. The Court simply will no longer be sending the reminders and enforcing the requirements sua sponte. Failure to comply with all filing  requirements may still result in dismissal of a case or the imposition of sanctions upon motion of the United States Trustee or a creditor. And failure of an attorney to be properly employed will, most certainly, result in the denial of all or a portion of any requested fees.