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NOTICE TO PRACTITIONERS: Proposed Chapter 13 Plan Available for Review and Comment

Thursday, July 13, 2017

New bankruptcy rules are scheduled to take effect in December 2017. Under the new rules, use of the national Chapter 13 plan form will be required, unless, after public notice and opportunity for comment, courts within a district adopt a local plan form. The United States Bankruptcy Court for Central District will be adopting a local plan form.

Click here to view a memo to Central District Bankruptcy Practitioners from Chief Judge Mary P. Gorman and Judge Thomas L. Perkins regarding the Court’s proposed local plan form and instructions for use.

Click here for the proposed local plan form.

NOTE: the proposed local plan form has not been implemented for use in Chapter 13 cases at this time. Many of its provisions are based on the anticipated changes to the bankruptcy rules that are not currently in effect. Use of the proposed local plan form for filing will be announced at a later date, following the expiration of the public comment period.