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Notice of Change of Judge Gorman's January 23, 2024, hearing date to Zoom only

Monday, January 22, 2024

Due to the expectation of inclement weather, participation in Judge Gorman's January 23, 2024, hearings will be Zoom only. 
To connect to the hearings, launch Zoom® through your web browser or app and enter the following credentials as prompted.
Meeting ID: 161 8563 5975 Passcode: 1598
Multiple hearings may be set at the same time. Stay connected to the Zoom® conference until your hearing(s) are concluded. Keep your camera and microphone off or muted while waiting for your case(s) to be called.
Video access is available only to parties in interest and their attorneys participating in the hearing. Members of the public and others interested in observing the proceedings must do so in person in the courtroom or by telephone. To listen by telephone, dial 551−285−1373 and enter the Meeting ID (followed by the # sign) and Passcode (followed by the # sign) when prompted. Participation by telephone is limited to listening only.
For full details and connection information, see Judge Gorman's Zoom Video Hearing Guide for Participants on the Court's website. Participants are strongly encouraged to review the Guide prior to the scheduled hearing.