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Important Notice RE: Change in Judge Perkins’ 2022 Chapter 13 Hearings

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Effective April of 2022, Judge Perkins will be resuming in-person hearings for Chapter 13 cases as follows:

  • Urbana - once a month on Wednesday mornings; and
  • Peoria - twice a month on Monday afternoons.

Telephonic participation is not permitted.  Out-of-town attorneys may retain local counsel or an appearance attorney to attend the hearing.  In matters where the parties have reached a resolution, counsel may authorize a representation be made to the Court by opposing counsel or the Trustee.

Generally, Chapter 7, Chapter 11 matters and Chapter 13 special settings will continue to be conducted by telephone conference.   Attorneys are responsible for checking the actual hearing notice for details.

Face coverings are no longer required for persons seeking entry to any of the District’s courthouses.