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Debtor Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (DeBN) Update

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DeBN is now LIVE nationally! DeBN is a free service that allows debtors to receive court
notices and orders via email, instead of U.S. mail, resulting in faster (same-day) delivery and
convenient access.

Update to DeBN: Effective January 12, 2015, debtors are no longer required to click a link
to activate their account or to confirm updates.
DeBN accounts will be automatically
activated or updated once the Clerk’s Office creates or updates the account. This change in
procedure will greatly assist in getting debtor accounts activated at the initiation of their case
filing so they are able to receive all notices and orders.

The DeBN Request Form has also been updated and is available on the Court’s website.

Signing up for DeBN is quick and easy:

  1. Complete and file the DeBN Request Form
  2. Clerk’s Office creates the account (account activation is automatic)
  3. Debtor thereafter will receive court notices and orders via email

To access the DeBN Request Form, or for additional information, please visit the Court’s
website at