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Changes for Electronic Financial Management Certificate (eFinCert) Filers

Friday, August 1, 2014

Notice to Approved Personal Financial Management Course Providers:
Electronic Financial Management Certificate (eFinCert) Filers are now required to have a PACER login.  The good news for filers is that instead of needing a separate login per district, course providers can use the same PACER login across all courts.  To obtain your PACER login, please contact the PACER Service Center at  In addition, all attachments must be in PDF/A format.  For more information regarding PDF/A, please see the PACER Service Center announcment:  Transition to PDF/A.  For more information regarding Electronic Financial Management Certificate (eFinCert) please click here.
After logging in to the court website at you will go to the Utilities Menu then to eFinCert.  For assistance with this new process, please contact the Webmaster.