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Case Trustees: Unclaimed Funds and Small Dividends - Changes to Procedure Effective Immediately

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Court will no longer require the filing of petitions for deposits of unclaimed funds and small dividends, nor will it issue corresponding orders. The trustee must file a list in accordance with Rule 3011. Proof of service on the filed list is not necessary.

The event names in the court’s Case Management/Electronic Case Filing (CM/ECF) system have been changed from petition to list, as shown below:

• Bankruptcy > Trustee/US Trustee > Small Dividends List
• Bankruptcy > Trustee/US Trustee > Unclaimed Funds List

The caption should clearly identify the list being filed (i.e., Unclaimed Funds List or Small Dividends List).

The list, which must be signed by the trustee, shall include all known names and addresses of the entities as well as the amount which they are entitled to be paid from the estate.

The 14-day deadline to submit the check is no longer applicable. Please mail the check immediately following the filing of the Unclaimed Funds/Small Dividends List.

Please contact the Clerk's Office if there are questions.