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Hon. William V. Altenberger

Claim held by Department of Human Services for overpayment of child care subsidy is a domestic support claim entitled to priority under section 507(a)(1)(B).

Attorney fees of over-median Chapter 13 debtor are property payable under plan from debtor's disposable income as calculated on Form B22C.

§28 USC 157:  Court lacks jurisdiction to determine validity of Debtor's assignment of personal injury claim upon Trustee's abandonment of claim.

§ 544:  Fraudulent conveyance - reasonably equivalent value.

§ 523(a)(2)(A):  Debt incurred when Debtor/Payee of check deposits check with Creditor and payment is disallowed by issuer is discharged.

Bankr.R. 9024/F.R.C.P. 60(b):  Confirmed Chapter 12 Order vacated to allow Creditor to amend plan to provide for an earlier claim payment date.