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Electronic Proof of Claim FAQ's

  • At the time of filing my claim, I do not know the amount that is due. How do I enter “unknown” in the amount for the claim?

    In the amount box, enter: 00.00.Attach documentation to the claim explaining the reason that the 00.00 was entered. Once you know the amount of the claim, file an amended claim.

  • I am filing the Proof of Claim as an agent for a Company. Do I need to fill out the section for Authorized Agent of Creditor?

    Yes.  Provide your name, title, address (even if it is the same as the creditor) and a telephone number where you can be reached if necessary.

  • How do I amend a claim?

    If the claim amends a claim previously filed in the case, check the box indicating that the claim amends a previously filed claim.  Select the claim number being amended from the dropdown list of claim numbers.

  • Will the trustee be served with the Proof of Claim?

    Yes. The case trustee and the debtor’s attorney will automatically receive electronic notification of the claim filed.

  • When will the claim appear on the Claims Register?

    The claim will immediately appear on the claims register upon submitting the proof of claim.

  • I filed a claim and my attachments did not properly attach to a claim filed recently. How can I attach those PDF images of supporting documentation?
    1. Ensure that the attachment(s) is in PDF format
    2. Confirm that each PDF document being attached is less than 10MB in size.  If larger, you may need to break them down to smaller sizes and have multiple attachments.
    3. File an amended claim and attach the correct PDF images
    4. When filing the amended claim, check the box on the form that designates that the claim is amended.  Select the claim number of the claim to be amended.
    5. Attachments must be added by the process above.  Amendments or attachments cannot be faxed or mailed to the Clerk’s Office.
  • I am a creditor’s attorney and will be filing a claim on behalf of my client. How do I record the creditor address and my address as attorney?

    When filing the claim, there is a drop-down box on the first screen which allows you, the filer, to select who is submitting the claim.The options are:Creditor; Creditor’s Attorney; Debtor; Debtor’s Attorney; or Trustee.If the attorney is the filer, you will be able to add the attorney name and address and select the creditor’s name from the listing of creditors in the case or if the creditor is not listed or listed incorrectly, you are able to add the correct creditor.Both names and addresses will be added to the mailing matrix and displayed on the Proof of Claim and Claims Register.

  • Can I get a stamp-filed acknowledgment of the Proof of Claim?

    Yes.The Court’s claim number will display with a link to the electronically file-stamped proof of claim upon submitting the proof of claim.The claim will be file stamped as of the entry date.It is recommended that the claim be printed or saved at this time.

  • Can I include a separate mailing address for payments?

    Yes.  Check the box indicating that the Payment Address is different from the Notice Address. An additional address field will appear for this alternate address for payments.

  • Is a signature required on the Proof of Claim?

    Yes.Type the name and title, if any, of the person authorized to file the claim on behalf of the creditor.The filing of the claim electronically deems the claim signed by the creditor or authorized person.