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Obtaining Copies of Documents from a Bankruptcy Case File

There are several ways to obtain copies of documents:

Print Electronic Records from your Personal Computer using PACER

You may print copies of documents, download documents to your own computer or search information in your case.  The PACER system is available days, nights and weekends.

You must register to become a user at the PACER website (  There is a fee for copies of $.10 per page.  A user is not billed until charges of $15 in a quarter have accrued.  Most one-time users would not accrue enough charges to be billed for copies.  You will find a full explanation of charges on the PACER website as well as directions for registration.


Print Electronic Records at the Clerk’s Office from Public Computer Terminals

You can print electronic records from a Central District of Illinois case file from the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) computer terminals located in each of our three offices. You will be charged 10 cents per page. Please note, the Clerk’s Office can only accept EXACT CHANGE and cannot make or give change.


Submit a Written Request by Email or Mail

You may send a written request for copies from a Central District of Illinois case file by email or mail to the office where your case was filed. Click here for addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for each office.

Your request must include:

  •  Your name
  •  The case number or name of debtor(s)
  •  A description of the copies requested or document numbers

Once we receive your request, we will send you a statement of charges for the copywork.  You will be charged $.50 per page for copies.  If your request requires a search of the records, a $31.00 search fee is required.

After you receive the statement of charges, mail payment to the Clerk's Office via money order, cashier's check, or company/firm check made payable to: Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court.  The Clerk's Office does not accept personal checks or cash through the mail.

After we receive payment, copies will be made and sent to you via email or first class mail.  Please specify how you would like copies returned to you and provide the necessary information to do so.  Please note: If you choose to have copies returned to you by email, your receipt will be sent by email as well.


Obtain Copies from the Federal Records Center (only for cases sent to the FRC after 1/1/2000, and filed prior to 4/2004)

Cases sent to the Federal Records Center after January 1, 2000, and opened prior to April, 2004, may be stored in the Federal Records Center/National Archives (FRC) located in Chicago.  Copies may be obtained directly from the FRC.  To request copies of documents from a case, you must complete Form NATF 90 and mail or fax it to the Federal Records Center(FRC).  Form NATF 90 asks for a series of numbers to identify the location of a case.  The FRC is unable to locate files without this information.  This information must be obtained from the Bankruptcy Clerk's Office where your case was filed, and can be obtained by either calling or emailing that office.    Click here for phone numbers and email addresses for each office.

To obtain the location numbers needed to complete Form NATF 90, your telephonic or emailed request to the court must include:

  •  Debtor's complete name at time of filing
  •  Debtor's Social Security Number
  •  Debtor's Case Number (if known)
  •  Approximate year case was filed

The court will provide the following FRC information to complete Form NATF 90:

  • Court Location
  • Case Number
  • Transfer Number
  • Box Number

For Transcript and CD/Tape Orders please use the National Forms AO435 and AO436 found here: Email completed form(s) to Divisional Office: Peoria: , Springfield: , Urbana:

341(a) Meeting of Creditors:
The Meeting of Creditors is recorded by the Trustee. The Court does not keep or provide a copy of the recording. To request a copy of the recording, please contact the Office of the United States Trustee at (309) 671-7854.