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  • How do I create a creditor matrix text file?

     Important! You can upload creditors only once per case. 1. Select Bankruptcy>Creditor Maintenance>Upload a Creditor Matrix file 2. Ensure correct case name and number match the creditors you are filing. 3. Browse, verify, and attach the creditor matrix list (.txt file) 4. Click on the Submit button. 5. Continue with Judge, Trustee Assignment. Please observe the following matrix format guidelines. TYPEFACE: Lists must be typed in one of the following standard typefaces or print styles: Courier 10 pitch Prestige Elite Letter Gothic COLUMNS: Lists should be typed with one single column per page not two or three columns per file. MARGINS: Margins of at least 1 inch are required on each side of the text files as well as the top and bottom. ADDRESS LINES: Each name/address block must consist of no more than 5 total lines and each must be no more than 40 characters in length. CASE: Name/Address blocks should be typed using upper/lower case -not all caps. CITY/STATE ADDRESS LINE: Type city, comma, 2 digit state abbreviation, one or two spaces and then the 5 digit zip code. City, State and Zip Code MUST be on the same line. A sample entry in a creditor matrix would be as follows: Acme Credit Corp. 1234 West 9th St. Somewhere, IL 12345 DO NOT: Spell out the state. Use periods between letters (N.C.). Use abbreviations other than Post Office accepted two digit abbreviations. Use 9 digit zip code. Do Not Include the following on creditor matrixes: Debtor, U.S. Trustee, Joint Debtor, Debtor(s) Attorney

  • Some menu options do not appear, or the CM/ECF window is blank

    Right click in the window and select Refresh. If that does not bring back all options clear 'temporary internet files'. In Internet Explorer Go to Tools>>>.Internet Options>>>click Delete>>>then click Delete again on next screen, and then click OK.

  • How should I file a Citation to Discover Assets?

    E-mail your Citation to Discover Asset Form (prepared in Word or Wordperfect. Do NOT send a pdf. file) to the appropriate e-mail address: Peoria Cases: Springfield Cases: Urbana Cases: The clerk's office will complete the form with hearing date information and send it to you via the US Mail.

  • The trustee has continued the 341 meeting at the debtor's request. What procedures should be followed?

    It is the debtor's responsibility to notify all creditors of the date and time of the continued 341 meeting. The debtor should file a Certificate of Service (Go to Bankruptcy>Miscellaneous Events>Certificate of Service). that lists all parties who have been notified of the continued 341 meeting. Include the actual notice of the continued 341 meeting in your certificate of service pdf.

  • The CM/ECF system rejected my file because it is over 10MB in size.

    PDF documents can not be larger than 10MB in size. When scanning, be sure to set your scanner to black and white and 300 dpi. If your scanned document is larger than 10MB you can separate it into multiple smaller files. To check the size of the file, right click on the file and select properties. 1MB = 1000KB

  • Why do I get a second login screen after I've already logged into ECF?

    This is the PACER login screen that you get whenever you request a report or document from a case. The first time you login, click the box that says 'make this my default login' and you shouldn't have to login repeatedly.