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Locating Unclaimed Funds

How do I obtain a list of unclaimed funds?

The unclaimed funds register is an internal financial document that is not available to the public. However, you may request copies of individual Trustee's Petitions in re Unclaimed Funds/Small Dividends . Requests must be made in writing by mail, email or fax. The Clerk’s Office will respond with a quote for the required copy work fees and search fees. The copy work request will be filled upon receipt of payment.


United States Bankruptcy Court

2nd Floor Room 226

600 E. Monroe Street
Springfield, IL   62701
Fax: 217-492-4556

What should I include in my written request?

Include the date range of Petitions in re Unclaimed Funds /Small Dividends or the specific case numbers/case names. The Clerk’s Office will search date ranges, but will not search based on a certain minimum dollar amount. We will not search the Petitions for the name of a particular creditor. We will not make copies of Petitions pertaining to small dividends (under $5.00) unless specifically asked to include them.


How much do copies cost?

Copies are $.50 per page. A search fee of $30.00 also applies.


Can the Clerk's office fax or email the copies after I submit payment?

Yes. Please include a fax number or email address in your written request.


May I review the unclaimed funds file in the Clerk's Office?

Yes. The Petitions in re Unclaimed Funds/Small Dividends may be reviewed at the Springfield Office only. Copies are $.50 per page and the search fee does not apply.


May I include a "do not exceed $XX.XX" check with my request in order to receive my copies faster?

Yes, but the check amount can not exceed $100.00.