Emergency or Weather-Related Closings or Delays

Special Notes and Alerts


All offices of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court will close on Wednesday, February4, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. due to inclement weather.




    Last updated  04 Feb 2015

    * Notice of an emergency or weather related closing of the Clerk's Office, including the cancellation or delay of court proceedings, will appear here.

    * A recorded voice message re: closing or delays will also be available on the phone line of the affected court location. (Urbana, Peoria, Springfield)

    * When deemed necessary by the court, a broadcast email to all registered CM/ECF users will be issued upon any emergency or weather related closing of the Clerk's Office.

    * It is incumbent upon attorneys to check these sources and notify their clients accordingly.

    * You should contact the trustee assigned to the case regarding emergency or weather related cancellations of Meetings of Creditors.