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Local Rules, Procedures and Standing Orders

Local Rules

In the Central District of Illinois, the Bankruptcy Court does not have its own local rules.  The local rules of the District Court apply.  The official set of local rules is kept on the Local Rules page of the District Court's web site.




Standing Orders

Standing Orders are orders entered by the court that are generally applicable to all proceedings before the court, subject to any limitations noted in a given standing order.  This court's active standing orders are listed below.  Only the standing orders listed below are currently in effect.

Standing Orders Archive

Standing Order   Effective
Standing Order Regarding Mandatory Use of Local Chapter 13 Plan Form   1 Dec 2017
General Order Regarding Electronic Filing of Documents   10 July 2017
Standing Order Regarding Attorney Fees for Debtors' Counsel in Chapter 13 Cases (Peoria and Urbana Divisions)(Revised 1-15-16)   15 Jan 2016
Standing Order Regarding Attorney Fees for Debtor's Counsel in Chapter 7 (Springfield & Urbana Divisions) and 13 (Springfield Division Only) Cases (Revised 1/7/16)   15 Jan 2016
General Order Re: Closure of Bankruptcy Court Operations in Danville, Illinois and Transfer of Bankruptcy Court Operations to Urbana, Illinois   01 Jun 2014
Adoption of Revised Interim Bankruptcy Rule 1007-1   01 Dec 2010
Repeal of General Orders Adopting Interim Bankruptcy Rules   01 Dec 2008
Revised Standing Order Regarding Credit Counseling   04 Oct 2006
Order Re Chapter 13 Pre-Confirmation Adequate Protection Payments   02 Aug 2006
Order re Filing of Payment Advices Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 521(a)(1)(B)(iv)   05 Oct 2005
Standing Order re Disqualification of Judge (Judge Perkins)   20 Jul 2000
Order Assigning Cases   27 Feb 1989