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Common Creditor Forms

Listed below are links to the most common forms filed by creditors in bankruptcy cases.
Note: Data entered on forms B10, B10A, B10S1, and B10S2 can be saved using Acrobat Reader version 8 or later freely available at

Proof of Claim Forms

Note: Data entered on the following forms can be saved using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or above (freely available): B 10 Proof of Claim, B 10 Attachment A, B 10 Supplement 1, B 10 Supplement 2.  All other forms posted here require Adobe Acrobat Writer to save entered data.

B 10 Proof Of Claim for Springfield (12/11)

B 10 Proof Of Claim for Peoria (12/11)

B 10 Proof Of Claim for Urbana (12/12)

B 10A  Proof Of Claim, Attachment A (12/11)

B 10S1  Proof Of Claim, Supplement 1 (12/11)

B 10S2  Proof Of Claim, Supplement 2 (12/11)

Reaffirmation Agreement Forms

B 27   Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet (12/09)

B 240A  Reaffirmation Agreement (4/10)  NOTE: The judges in the Central District of Illinois require the name of the creditor (as opposed to name of the creditor's representative) to be clearly identified on this form.

Forms Regarding Transfers of Claim

B 210B  Notice of Transfer of Claim Other Than for Security (12/09)

B 210A  Transfer of Claim Other Than for Security (12/09) 

Instructions (Forms B210A and B210B)